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Hi, I'm Cassidy Bouse 👋
I'm a Product Designer who is passionate about data-backed design 📊 and collaboration. 

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P Work



Domo Advanced Triggering

Designing for automation so that our data customers can run tools based on an event, time, and day.

Domo Sharing & Permissions

Setting up the framework for sharing sensitive data amongst different org members.


PCC Technician Terminal

Using connectors and live data to help employees feel valued and recognized in the service industry.

Domo Approvals

Building workflows for customers to help make decisions faster.

childhoods visual design.png

Childhoods Clothing

Creating custom packing, email campaigns, and ads to help elevate a growing kid's brand.



Outside of design - I love watching anime, spending time in nature, and being a mom of 3 boys.

I also help lead a design meetup group here!


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Want to chat about design? Or reach out about a new job opportunity? Send me an email

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