Using three unique media components I focused on a teen audience to create an app for current events.


Product designer

Methods + Tools

User Research, Competitive Analysis, Sketch Procreate, and Tumult Hype (Animation)


For a portion of my digital effects class I was challenged to create 3 different forms of media to integrate into a mobile interface. The goal of this project was to solve a problem while using animation.


January 2018 - May 2018

The Problem

After noticing the huge transition from print to digital I observed my teenage

Cousins rarely reading magazines I read at their age. I felt that there was a huge disconnect between young girls reading stories. I wanted to create a platform where they could keep up on their favorite topics within one app.

Gathering Inspiration

My first portion of the project was to create an animated type video that reflected my audiences personal interest. I chose (ironically) the song Teenage Girl by Cherry Glazerr to capture my audience of 13-19 year olds. It was the inspiration behind my initial project and found it important to include the verbiage in my video.

I created a mood board of images and colors that reflected the vibe of the song. Challenging myself in a new way I decided to hand draw the typography and art for 24 different scenes on my iPad Pro.

Interactive Infographic

The second phase of the project was to create an infographic piece to communicate data or information. Knowing how much my audience likes taking quizzes and learning about themselves I decided to create a monthly horoscope feature.

During my research, I found that most horoscope websites weren’t appealing. I decided to look on all-girl based websites I admired such as Refinery 29 and the Wing. Their bold choices of colors and type were aligned with the vision I was looking for.

The Missing Piece

Combining three projects into a functional app I focused first on sketching out my process, then turning to wireframes and eventually picking a style guide that captured colors relevant in all projects.

The Solution

Things I Learned

1. Don’t make assumptions on your audience. For this project, there wasn’t enough time to do a lot of research or testing. When I did the test there was no real way to measure if teenagers would use it or not, but I did find there were certain features I thought people would enjoy but didn’t such as the customize function.

2. It's ok to simplify. This project in itself felt like a Sprint, ultimately we only had two full months after learning a new animation software to get started on this. Being excited about my process I really did a lot to challenge myself in new ways.

3. Connect from the beginning. This had so many moving parts, by taking it piece by piece it helped break down how the audience would flow through certain aspects of the app.


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